Why Massage?

Breast massage is proven to have many benefits and can help moms during all stages of breast milk production, from early expression of the all-important colostrum to the maintenance of mature milk.

Massaging while pumping, commonly known as “hands on pumping” is highly recommended by Lactation Professionals as it helps mothers fully empty their breasts.  Fully emptying breasts will help moms:

  • Express more milk for their baby, with a higher fat content
  • Increase milk supply
  • Relieve engorgement
  • Alleviate pain from clogged ducts and mastitis
  • Help reduce the occurrence of clogged ducts and mastitis

As an added benefit, moms will spend less time pumping, as massage will help increase the rate at which milk is expressed!

Lactation Professionals like Fatima Gonzalez are witnessing how effective the Nurture Breast Massager can be at replicating hand massage while pumping, especially for those who have trouble getting the most output from their breastfeeding sessions:

"For years I’ve encouraged mothers to use their hands for hand expression, massaging and providing breast compressions during breastfeeding or pumping as part of good lactation management. I have witnessed how effective the Nurture Breast Massager can be in increasing output by maximizing your breast pumping experience in a fraction of the time," Fatima González, IBCLC.

Backed by Research

Our clinical research studies have proven that by using the Nurture Breast Massager, moms experience an increase not just in the amount of milk pumped per session, but also the quality of fatty milk that is so nutritiously valuable to babies, especially in the first trimester of life.

Our Story

Innovations Inspired by Moms:

The founders of Imalac, Noreen and Rachael, are a mother daughter team who experienced first-hand the struggles of breastfeeding and wanted to provide mothers a more efficient way to give their babies the nutritious milk they need. Their drive to help mothers who felt frustrated by the lack of solutions to successfully reach their breastfeeding goals resulted in their premier product, the Nurture Breast Massager. This first-of-its-kind, hands-free breast massage system, provides mothers with a way to give their babies milk in a more productive and efficient manner. Motherhood is both incredible and challenging. Imalac’s goal is to develop trusted lactation solutions for mothers and their babies.

The Imalac Story:

Prior to becoming a Certified Lactation Counselor, Rachael was breastfeeding her first child and noticed that her milk output drastically increased when she manually massaged her breasts while using her breast pump. However, the process was leaving her hands tired, and it made pumping even more physically and emotionally demanding than it already was. Her inability to multi-task even though she was using a “hands-free” pumping bra was also frustrating. During this same time, her mother, Noreen, was involved with a Med Tech accelerator in Israel, where scientists were exploring the benefits of simulating hand expression while breast pumping.

When Rachael was about to have her second child, she approached her mother with the idea of joining forces to bring a product to the market that would help nursing mothers improve their milk production and have a more positive pumping experience. And so, Imalac was born - and with it, its first commercial product, the Nurture Breast Massager.

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