Nurture Breast Massage System

Pump more milk in less time with Nurture.

Nurture by Imalac is the world’s first wear-all-day nursing and hands free pumping bra that provides hands-free massage while you pump – helping you get more out of your pumping sessions.

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- Hands-free, progressive motion breast massage
- Flattering, no underwire nursing, pumping AND massage bra
- Adjustable settings for pressure, speed, and hold time
- Easy to use control panel with free, mobile app
- Compatible with most standard breast pumps
For women who use a breast pump, hands-on pumping (or massaging while you pump) is highly recommended by experts to drastically improve the performance of your pump. The Nurture system, based on the principles of breast massage, was created by a team of Lactation Counselors, Medical Device Engineers, and of course, mothers to help you get the most out of your pumping sessions.

The Nurture Bra is a comfortable yet flattering nursing and pumping bra you’ll be excited to wear all day long. When it’s time to pump, simply slide the massage cups into your Nurture Bra and connect it to the Nurture Control Box in seconds. The hands-free bra and massage cups hold your bottles and shields securely in place, so you’re free to keep working or enjoy a little ‘me’ time.

While you pump, the massage cups provide a gentle, adjustable massage that envelopes the breast with progressive, circumferential pressure, encouraging milk flow. Create your perfect massage by customizing setting levels for pressure, speed, and hold time. With the free Nurture app, you can easily save these settings as a pre-set for an even quicker start up next time you’re ready to pump and massage. The app also allows you to track breastmilk production, wirelessly control the massage and more!

What moms are saying about Nurture by Imalac:
“What could be better than pumping twice as much milk, in half the time?! – Meghan
“The [Nurture by] Imalac pumping system cut my pumping time in half! - Liz
One Nurture Hands-Free Nursing and Pumping Bra
Left/Right Massage Cups
Nurture Control Box with Modules
Power Cord
Carrier and Laundry Bag for your convenience
Size Guide
Size Guide


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Customer Reviews

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I have not had a chance to use with a client due to Covid 19 restrictions

All Lactating Moms Need This!

Not exactly sure where to start so I’ll start simple by saying I love this device! Prior to it’s use, my number of clogged ducts was crazy. After using this my breasts were empty and I also got more milk in less time.
What mom doesn’t need more time? Instead of spending 20mins pumping I’d spend 15...Considering I’m down to 3 pumps a day that time is crucial with my now mobile little one. Nursing moms can get so such use from this because I’m sure they either don’t have the time or simply just don’t like pumping. Exclusively pumping moms need to give our hands a break from all the breast massage so this product helps all of us either way!

Great Product! Super Helpful!

"I have been very happy with the Nurture device. As my milk supply was dwindling, I found that with regular daily use of the system, I have been able to produce more milk and also reduce my pumping time”.

Nurture System Features

Smartphone Compatible

With the Nurture app, you can adjust everything from the pressure, speed and hold time at the touch of a button. 


Nurture’s attachable breast massage cups replaces the need for milk-boosting hand compressions making it a truly hands-free experience.

Breast Pump Compatible

In conjunction with electric breast pumps, Nurture drastically improves the efficiency of pumping and ease of milk production.

Custom Massage Settings

With custom massage settings simulating hand compressions, Nurture allows the breast to be fully emptied.

How it Works

The Nurture By Imalac system works by applying circumferential pressure from the chest forward in a progressive motion designed to mimic hand massage, a technique recommended by lactation experts to increase the efficiency of your breast pump. Massage allows the breast to be fully emptied, which results in an increase in the volume of milk expressed and a reduction in the occurrence of breast pain associated with mastitis, clogged milk ducts, and breast engorgement. With our system, you can adjust the speed, pressure and hold time according to personal preferences with the built-in controller or Nurture by Imalac mobile app.

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“The Nurture by Imalac system cut my pumping time in half! I only wish this product had been available 3 years ago when I was pumping for my first baby. Definitely a must for pumping mamas!”


LIZ – 7 month old & 3 year old


“What could be better than pumping twice as much milk in the same amount of time?! The Nurture bra is a necessity for any pumping mama – we have finally entered the 21st century! Thank you to Imalac for giving women a product that helps reduce the time sitting by a pump and giving a baby more nutrient dense breast milk.”


MEGHAN – 4 children


“I LOVE the Nurture bra, it’s super comfy, and I love that I can use it for breastfeeding or pumping. The Nurture massage helped me extract more milk, and seemed like it was better quality (meaning more hind milk) than just pumping alone.”


ALIA – 4 month old


“I was having difficulty with maintaining my milk supply with just a pump. Once I used the Nurture device, my milk volume increased AND my clogged ducts were alleviated! I also noticed that instead of pumping for 20 minutes to be empty, it only took 15 when I pumped with Nurture”


NYREE – 11 month old


“I loved learning about the Nurture by Imalac pumping bra – and was even more excited when I tried it out. I only wish that I wasn’t at the end of my pumping journey. I think in concept and in practice it is going to make a huge impact on the breastfeeding world. I am sharing with all of my friends!”


REBEKAH – 3 children

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