Improve Your Patients' Pumping Outcomes with the Nurture Breast Massager

Nurture supports nursing moms by helping to establish and increase their milk supply, improving the caloric value of expressed milk and reducing the occurrence of clogged ducts and mastitis. 

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Nurture is the solution your clients need to achieve their pumping goals

As a medical and lactation professional, you are well aware of the challenges that nursing moms face during the early days of establishing milk supply and maintaining adequate nutrition throughout their breastfeeding journey.

Whether you are working with mothers in the NICU, or mothers of full-term infants, the challenges are similar and can be just as difficult as proven by the poor statistics for success in meeting the minimum time recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics to ensure the health benefits of breastfeeding.

The NICU experience can be particularly difficult as you struggle to educate and calm an already anxious mother and provide neonatal care for fragile preterm infants.

As you know, nutrition during this early stage is critical for underdeveloped intestinal tracts and tremendous efforts are employed to meet nutritional needs with breastmilk.  

Clinically Proven to Help Nursing Mothers*

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Increase the volume of milk expressed
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Increase the fat content of expressed milk
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Reduce the occurrence of clogged ducts and mastitis
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Relieve breast engorgement
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Increase the rate of expression

*Imalac's white paper with preliminary clinical trial results will be provided upon joining the Nurture Professionals Program.

The latest advancement in lactation technology

The Nurture Breast Massager applies circumferential pressure from the chest forward in a progressive motion (designed to mimic hand massage) - a technique proven in multiple clinical studies to increase milk production. 

Massage allows the breasts to empty more completely, which results in an increase in the volume and nutritional value of milk expressed as well as a reduction in the occurrence of breast pain associated with clogged ducts, engorgement and mastitis.

With Nurture you can adjust the speed, pressure and hold time according to personal preferences with the built-in controller or Nurture by Imalac mobile app.

Testimonials from Nursing Moms

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Greta Fitzgerald

Because I am an overproducer and it [Nurture] does sometimes stimulate, it is important that I don't use it with every single pump. I use it about once a day and it helps fully empty my breasts and helps reduce mastitis. I can't say enough great things.

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Taye Karunanithy

I have not seen a more monumental advancement for pumping mothers, as we are often on the fringe of the breastfeeding conversation if not left out entirely. The Nurture Breast Massager is and will continue to break barriers in this regard.

I cannot speak on my experience without adding this tidbit: My daughter has a growth deficiency. (This is why I still pump religiously as we are not in her second year.) She is not sick, just very slight in stature and does not gain weight easily. One of the benefits I have personally witnessed is the better milk.

How do I know this isn't just my excitement about the device and its potential to affect better breastfeeding for mothers everywhere? I've been excited about many things since she was born. None of those things ever helped her gain 14 ounces in 2 weeks.

Breastmilk has kept her steady and given her a  host of immunity benefits, but she's never been able to fatten up much. Because my milk is not fattier, she is getting even more of the good stuff. Our pediatrician is thrilled. We are thrilled. She is thriving now more than ever!

Join the Nurture Professionals Program to receive:

  • A tailored professional's program.
  • Imalac's whitepaper with preliminary clinical trial results.
  • Exclusive discounts for your patients OR an opportunity to earn income.
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Nurture by Imalac_Breast Massager

The Nurture Breast Massager comes with:

  • One hands-free nursing and pumping bra.
  • Attachable massage cups.
  • Nurture controller.
  • Carrier bag and laundry bag.

Join the Nurture Professionals Program. 

“I was having difficulty with maintaining my milk supply with just a pump. Once I used the Nurture device, my milk volume increased AND my clogged ducts were alleviated! I also noticed that instead of pumping for 20 minutes to be empty, it only took 15 when I pumped with Nurture." 

Nyree J.

Mom to 4-month-old daughter

Nurture Features

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Hands-Free Massage
Nurture's Massage Cups attach to a beautiful all-day wear nursing and pumping bra, allowing you to pump hands-free while receiving the benefits of hands-on pumping.
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Custom Massage Settings
The massage is adjustable with three settings for a personalized experience.
Breast Pump Compatible
Nurture works with most standard pumps to drastically improve their efficiency.
custom-settings for handfree massage bra
Smartphone Compatible
With the Nurture app, your patients can control their massage, save preferences and track their results over time.

Backed by Clinical Research

Imalac completed a clinical study of the Nurture Breast Massager in April 2021, which tested the following end points:
  • Does Nurture increase the total volume of expressed milk?
  • Does Nurture increase the caloric content of expressed milk?
  • Does Nurture affect the rate at which milk is expressed?
The study consisted of exclusively pumping mothers, pumping with and without Nurture at the same time of day, for 5 days. Study participants pumped a minimum of 4 times each day for at least 15 minutes. Expressed milk volumes and pumping times were recorded for each pumping session, and milk samples were obtained for subsequent analysis of fat content.  

In total, 16 exclusively pumping mothers completed 226 pumping sessions (149 sessions with breast pump only, and 147 sessions with breast pump and Nurture).

Imalac’s findings are as follows:
  • 94% of all participants experiences an increase in milk volume. Mean volume (oz) increase of 25%
  • 50% of participants experienced an increase in milk fat content. Mean fat content (g/L) increase of 2%.
  • 88% of all participants experienced an increase in rate of milk expression.  Mean rate (ounces/minute) increase of 30%.
  • 75% of all participants experienced an increase in total fat expressed per session. Mean caloric increase (g) of 26%.
Overall, the results suggest that the Nurture Breast Massager increases the volume and caloric content of expressed milk, plus the volume of milk expressed per minute.

When you join the Nurture Professionals Program, we promise to help give your patients the best start in their breastfeeding journey with the best milk for their baby’s development.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can benefit from Nurture?

  • Mothers looking to increase or maintain supply

  • Mothers struggling to establish their milk supply in the NICU

  • Mothers of preterm babies who have increased nutritional requirements

  • Mothers suffering from clogged ducts, engorgement and mastitis

What breast pumps can be used with Nurture?

Nurture is compatible with most standard electric pumps including Medela, Spectra, Ameda, Evenflo, Lansinoh, Baby Buddha and Phillips AVENT breast pumps. It is not compatible with Willow, Elvie, Freemie or the Pumpin Pals flange. 

Can Nurture be used for more than one person?

Nurture has been tested as a single user consumer product and use on more than one individual will invalidate warranty. 

Imalac is working to develop a hospital grade system for multiple patient use.

How quickly will patients receive their order?

All orders include free shipping via UPS ground and are shipped within 3-5 business days of receipt of order.

How often should my client use the Nurture massage?

Depending on your client's goals, the recommendation for use is similar to how you would advise them to incorporate hands-on pumping into their routine. Further guidance on how often to use the Nurture massage is provided with each order.

How does the guarantee work?

Results will vary for each person. Some moms see immediate improvement and others see results up to two weeks from the time they start. We want to make sure moms have the opportunity to experience the benefit of their Nurture investment. That’s why we recommend that your client incorporate Nurture into their pumping routine consistently, at least once a day until they see results. If they are unsatisfied with their results, they are eligible to return within 30 days from the date they received their order. They would be refunded the total value of their order minus the cost of the Nurture bra ($74.99), which is theirs to keep and use as a nursing and hands-free pumping bra.

“Within five minutes, I knew this was a game-changer! I wanted to try Nurture because I am an over-producer suffering from clogged milk ducts and mastitis. Nurture enabled my breast to empty more completely, and helped stabilize my milk supply. In addition, the bra is the nicest nursing bra I have ever owned – I want to wear it all day. Every mom should get a Nurture system!”

Greta F. - Mom to 5-month-old twin boys from San Jose, CA

Don’t let your clients miss out on this risk-free opportunity to benefit from the latest advancement In breastfeeding technology.

Join the Nurture Professionals program today to help your clients improve their pumping results and get the peace of mind knowing they are giving their little ones their very best.

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