Up Close on the new massage cupsUp Close on the new massage cups

The Nurture Massage Cups are really what do all the work in the Nurture System. These cups incorporate easily into the Nurture Bra, mold to your breasts to provide a personalized fit, attach to the modules of the control box, and provide gentle compression to help you get more milk in less time.

NEW! Massage Cups

Improved Design

We are always listening to our customers and as a result, we are excited to introduce the Nurture Breast Massager’s new and improved massage cups!

Removing the wire that used to slide into the Nurture bra allows for a faster set up, while the new moldable cup provides a much more personalized fit. These changes add convenience and provide a more customized massage. After all, every breast shape and size is unique and deserves the same attention!

Refer to the Massage Cup size chart to find the Massage Cup size that coordinates with your Nurture Bra size

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