Why Massage?

Breast massage while pumping is proven to help moms get more nutritious milk for their baby. Massaging helps you to fully empty your breasts, and can help moms during all stages of breast milk production, from early expression of the all-important colostrum to the maintenance of mature milk. Massaging is also essential for relieving breast engorgement, and reducing the pain and discomfort from clogged ducts and mastitis. As an added benefit, you will spend less time pumping!

Certified lactation consultants have been promoting breast massage for all moms, especially those who have trouble getting the most output from their breastfeeding sessions.

"For years I’ve encouraged mothers to use their hands for hand expression, massaging and providing breast compressions during breastfeeding or pumping as part of good lactation management. I have witnessed how effective the Nurture Breast Massager can be in increasing output by maximizing your breast pumping experience in a fraction of the time," Fatima González, IBCLC.

Backed by Research

Our clinical research studies have proven that by using the Nurture Breast Massager, moms experience an increase not just in the amount of milk pumped per session, but also the quality of fatty milk that is so nutritiously valuable to babies, especially in the first trimester of life.

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