Creating a Workplace Nursing/Pumping Room

Community support directly impacts a woman’s breastfeeding experience. As an employer, it’s important to communicate with and understand breastfeeding mothers’ needs. In addition to strong communication, below are some tips that will help you create a warm and welcoming breastfeeding-friendly environment.

Assuming not every mother will have access to a private office for pumping or nursing, below are some suggestions for the makings of a pumping and nursing room.

1) Select a space that has

  • Privacy
  • Air Conditioning
  • An Outlet

  2) Add furniture

Breastfeeding mothers spend so much time nursing/pumping, that having a comfortable place to do so is so important. A fridge is great so that they can store their breastmilk safely and privately until the end of the day. You can also stock a few refreshments in there, which we address more shortly…

  • Comfy chair
  • Footrest 
  • Side table
  • Mini Fridge
  • Dimmable Lamp 

3) Ensure Privacy

This is crucial if you have multiple breastfeeding employees at the same time. 

  • Place a signup sheet outside the door so that the room can be reserved when needed.
  • Ensure the door has a lock
  • Privacy door sign to ensure no one disturbs/knocks when occupied 

 4) Add the Details

The following details go the extra mile to make sure your breastfeeding employee has everything they need to nurse/pump with safety, peace, and comfort in mind.

  • Sanitizing Wipes/Spray/Hand Gel
  • White noise machine
  • Power strip with a long cord
  • Phone charging cable
  • Wall hooks to hang items
  • Cubbie or basket to store belongings 
  • Blanket/pillow
  • Add a plant 
  • Alexa or another music device for soothing tunes

5) Offer Refreshments

Breastfeeding moms need extra hydration and energy! Providing some simple snacks would be an extra special addition to the space. Here are some ideas:

  • Mini bottles of water or water source
  • Mini juices
  • Granola Bars
  • Snack packs of nuts
  • Perishable options: Hummus+pita chip/pretzel snack packs, bananas, apples

We hope these ideas help you support breastfeeding mothers in the workplace. Putting in effort and resources to create a thoughtful space will speak volumes in support and make an impact on breastfeeding experiences. If you have additional ideas, comment below!

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