Crying over spilled milk?

We Know that Every Ounce of Breastmilk Counts.

5 Tips to Increase your Milk Supply

1. Make Pumping a ‘hands-on’ experience

“Hands-on pumping” (AKA: massaging your breasts while pumping) has been scientifically proven in a study of 67 preterm infant mothers at Stanford Medical Center. It was found that insufficient production can be avoided by combining hand expression techniques with pumping.

2. Consistent use of massage will improve milk supply.

When your breast is more completely emptied, your body naturally responds by replacing the expressed milk, resulting in an increased supply over time. Your basic Econ 101 supply and demand principle. Your body produces milk based on the nutritional needs of your baby, and if you’re pumping, you must make sure that your breast is empty every time you pump or your body will not know how much milk it needs to produce.

3. The more empty your breast, the better the nutritional content of your milk.

Breast massage enhances the ability for milk to move from the back of the breast through the milk ducts, thereby improving the removal of the more fat-rich, nutritional milk. This happens because breast massage helps empty the breast more completely.

4. Stress less. Still nursing, but need to increase your freezer supply?

Pumping and massaging for as little as 10 minutes after nursing will encourage your body to produce more milk and will allow you to stock up for when you’re not around.

5. Additional benefits of breast massage.

In addition to your increased, nutrient-dense, milk supply, massage has the added benefits of reducing the incidence of clogged milk ducts, mastitis and engorgement.

6. Yes, there’s one more!

Learn more about our hands free Nurture Breast Massage system to help you increase your milk supply!

Is there a pumping mom who hasn’t thought about giving up?

“I noticed that my results while pumping were drastically increased when I would self massage.”

said Rachael Kish, which is why she and co-founder Noreen Sablotsky, created Nurture by Imalac.

Moms should feel empowered by their breastfeeding experience. This mother-daughter duo combined their own motherhood experience with the science of lactation to create Nurture, a revolutionary breast-pump accessory improving the lives of pumping mothers everywhere.

Supermodel Mara Martin loves Nurture by Imalac!

Mara Martin breastfeeding on the catwalk
Mara Martin hit the runway at the Sports Illustrated fashion show in Miami while breastfeeding 5-month-old daughter Aria. (Image via Sports Illustrated)

We designed Nurture to make hands on pumping easier. We started with the understanding that every woman’s body and personal preferences are different. 

That’s why we spent three years with the best engineers and lingerie designers in the industry to ensure we created a REAL solution that fits every pumping mother’s needs. 

The result? A pump accessory like no other – almost as good as another set of hands! And we aren’t the only ones who think that. Mara Martin helped us develop our first “How-To” video for Nurture. What started as a simple modeling gig for Mara, who happened to be nursing and pumping at the time of the shoot, quickly turned her into an advocate for Nurture. She was thrilled with the comfort of the hands free nursing and pumping bra and thought the massage felt like she was getting hugged. Mara couldn’t wait to get one of her very own Nurture systems to use at home!

Mara Martin wearing Nurture by Imalac
Mara Martin wearing Nurture by Imalac for our “How To” video shoot.
Watch below for a sneak peek of her in action!

We think it’s about time moms get a break.

 Nurture is the next best thing to another set of hands.

Helping you get the most out of your pumping sessions – hands-free.

Nurture by Imalac helps pumping moms to:

  • Increase volume of expressed milk
  • Increase caloric content of expressed milk
  • Decrease pumping time
  • Decrease occurrence of clogged milk ducts and mastitis
  • Provide relief from breast engorgement

Get the benefits of hands-on pumping without the exhaustion or inconvenience of manual compression massage. You’ll love to wear our comfy Nurture bra all day, so when it’s time to pump there’s no need to change – just slide in the attachable massage cups to get more out of your pumping session. Nurture is sold exclusively on the Imalac website.

The real benefit of Nurture is the hands-free, progressive motion, compression massage that it provides via the massage cups that slide right into the bra. With the easy to use control panel, you can adjust settings at the touch of a button for the perfect massage made just for you.

Nurture features a (dare we say it) attractive nursing and pumping bra that not only looks good, but feels great!

  • Hands-free massage that mimics hands-on pumping
  • Flattering and comfortable bra with no underwire
  • Adjustable massage settings via the easy-to-use-control panel or free mobile app

lineup of products
What’s Included:

Nurture Bra
Left/Right Massage Cups
Left/Right Modules
Nurture Control Box
Carry Bag & Laundry Bag

Massage cups attached to pumping bra


Nurture by Imalac
Hands-Free Breast Massage System

The Women behind Nurture

Timing is everything! Mother daughter team, Noreen and Rachel, were introduced to the benefits of breast massage and hand expression through two very different situations. Rachael, who is now a Certified Lactation Counselor, was breastfeeding her first child and noticed that her results drastically increased when she manually massaged her breasts while using her breast pump. However, the process was tiring, and she was frustrated that she still could not multitask in her “hands-free” pumping bra. 

Meanwhile, Noreen was participating in a Med Tech accelerator in Israel exploring the benefits of simulating hand expression while breast pumping and evaluating technology that could accomplish it.

Thus, Nurture by Imalac was born out of their recognition that they were uniquely positioned to create a solution that would enable a more positive pumping experience for breast pumping mothers and contribute to achieving breastfeeding success.

“I was having difficulty with maintaining my milk supply with just a pump. Once I used the Nurture device, my milk volume increased AND my clogged ducts were alleviated! I also noticed that instead of pumping for 20 minutes to be empty, it only took 15 when I pumped with Nurture.”

Nyree J.


Get Nurture Today

More Milk in Less Time

Breast pumping is time consuming and emotionally and physically demanding. Adding hands-on pumping techniques help improve the results of your pumping session, but having to use your hands compounds the demands on these already exhausted moms! Nurture’s innovative system solves this dilemma by giving you a hands-free breast massage while you pump, significantly encouraging your body to increase milk supply. That’s one less thing to worry about throughout your breastfeeding journey. 

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