Five Questions to Ask a Lactation Professional Before the Baby Arrives

It is a great idea to connect with a Lactation Professional while pregnant to build a connection and begin preparing for your breastfeeding journey. The following questions are a guide to help ensure you are armed with knowledge before you deliver!

  1. What products are a necessity?

There are so many baby products to consider, it is overwhelming! Understanding what to expect while breastfeeding can help you select the necessary items to have on hand and to have a list of products you may need to purchase down the road.

For example, everyone’s breastfeeding experience is different, which means a product that is so highly recommended by one friend that you trust, just may not be necessary at first or ever the right fit for you, and often there is no way of knowing until you are in the moment. 

For this reason, it is best to prepare with the necessities and be educated on the options for additional products and accessories, so that you are ready to purchase should you need to. 

  1. Is there anything my partner, friends, and family should know?

A crucial component to a mother’s positive breastfeeding experience is her support system. It is a great idea to have your partner, family member, or close friend that you expect to be around often in the beginning, learn what to expect from your breastfeeding experience as well. This will help them understand what you are experiencing, and how they can provide support while you adjust to breastfeeding. 

  1. What should I expect right after giving birth?

Your breastfeeding experience begins right after delivery, so it is beneficial to know what to expect, how to communicate your wishes with the delivery team, and to have knowledge on how to adapt if your delivery doesn’t go as planned.

Understanding the benefits of uninterrupted skin-to-skin after birth, what to expect from the first latch, and how to manually express/use a breast pump if separated from your baby after birth, will allow you to transition into breastfeeding with confidence. 

  1. Can we discuss different feeding positions, how to achieve a proper latch, and which feeding cues to look for?

There are so many different positions a baby can feed in, and you will soon learn what works for you. Practicing the different positions beforehand, maybe with a doll or pillow, may help you and your baby find your rhythm more easily. 

Achieving a proper latch is very important for many reasons. It will make breastfeeding more comfortable, and ensure your baby is emptying your breasts efficiently. You can practice positioning for achieving a proper latch with a doll as well. 

Feeding your baby frequently and on-demand is the name of the game, especially in the beginning! Learning what feeding cues to look out for before the crying stage will help ensure you begin nursing at ideal times, allowing for a more successful feed. 

  1. How does milk production work and what impacts milk supply? 

Concern about milk supply is one of the most popular worries a new mom has when breastfeeding. 

Learning about colostrum and what happens in your body after delivery will help you relax and understand what takes place before your abundant milk arrives. 

Understanding the hormones involved in milk production and let down, and how they are triggered, will also help you when managing your feeds/expression and supply over time. 

We hope these questions help guide you when preparing for your breastfeeding journey.  Please comment and share any additional questions you would suggest asking!

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