Seven Must Have Items for Your Breastfeeding Journey

Planning to breastfeed your baby? There is so much to do when preparing for a baby’s arrival, so we created a short list of the absolute must-have breastfeeding items you should have on hand before you deliver, in hopes of taking one thing off your plate. 

While there are always additional gadgets you can shop for once you settle into your routine, having the following before delivery will set you up for success!

  • Nursing Tank

The less you need to think about, or even wear, at the beginning, the better! A comfortable nursing tank is one layer you can wear around the house, on a walk around the neighborhood, and a visit to the pediatrician that gives you easy, quick access to breastfeed on demand.

  • Nursing Bra

Sometimes a little extra support is needed! Nursing bras come in a variety of styles, and we highly suggest beginning with one that you can simply pull out of the way, or unclip with one hand for easy access. 

  • Nipple Pads

Leaks happen – especially in the early days when a baby’s feeding schedule is constantly changing. We suggest having reusable nipple pads on hand to tuck into your nursing bra or tank to help avoid added laundry!

  • Nursing Pillow 

Your breastfed baby may feel like an extension of you at the beginning, and having a nursing pillow will help make the frequent feeds much more comfortable. In addition to comfort and a break for your arms, the pillow will help position and prop the baby at a perfect height for a successful latch and feed. 

  • Silicone Hand Pump

A silicone hand pump, like the popular Haakaa, is amazing to have on hand throughout your entire breastfeeding journey, but may be especially useful in the early days when you are feeding at the breast all or most of the time. In these early days, when your supply is evening out, place the silicone hand pump on the opposite breast that your baby is feeding from to collect any letdown. 

Not only will no milk go to waste, but this is also a great tool to help stimulate production and establish an abundant milk supply. You can also use the expressed milk in the pump as a chance for your partner, friend, or family member to bond with the baby in those early feeding days. 

  • Breast Pump

While you may plan to exclusively feed at the breast for the first couple months, it is a good idea to have a breast pump on hand from the get go for a variety of unforeseen factors that could arise. Whether you end up using it in the early days or not, having it there just in case is a good back up plan to help support your breastfeeding goals. Most of the popular standard breast pumps on the market are fully compatible with our Nurture Breast Massager, such as the Spectra S1/S2 and Medela Pump in Style. Using the Nurture unit along with your breast pump will help ensure you pump more milk in less time.  

  • Support System

You can have all the gadgets in the world, but we strongly believe having a support system in place that understands your breastfeeding goals is a crucial component to achieving them. Having the support and understanding of your plan from your partner, friends and family prior to delivery is recommended. It is also highly suggested to connect with a Lactation Professional prior to delivery and plan for follow ups in those early days and months after birth. 

We hope you find this list helpful. Please comment below and share any of your must haves that we missed!

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