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Massaging Your Breasts is a Big Deal

Are you…
· A first-time mom planning to breastfeed?
· Preparing for another and had previous negative experiences breastfeeding your baby?
· Exclusively pumping?
· A NICU mom struggling with milk output?

Whatever your situation may be, massaging your breasts is a BIG deal for all moms and babies.

Yay, baby is here (or babies)! First, let’s explore the importance of massage immediately after delivery.

Postpartum Care: After a Vaginal Delivery

Description: No matter how long you’re in labor, your body will need several weeks and some efforts from you to recover fully. Get to know all the essential info about postpartum care for new moms. Our experts provide you with their top tips.  As a mom-to-be, you’ve probably bought everything and even more for your …

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