Nurture Breast Massager improved design

Breast Massage For Breastfeeding Moms Just Got Easier

How does breast massage help breast pumping moms?

Massaging your breasts while you pump (also known as “hands-on pumping”) helps you more fully empty your breasts and has several proven benefits for breastfeeding moms, including:

  • Increase milk supply
  • Alleviate clogged milk ducts
  • Pump more milk per session
  • Improve fat content of expressed milk
  • Reduce time spent pumping
  • Relieve breast engorgement

Breast massage is well known to help with all of these common challenges that breastfeeding moms face. But at what cost? Fatigued hands and a waste of a hands free pumping bra!

The Nurture Breast Massager provides a hands-free solution!

We developed the Nurture Breast Massager as a solution for hardworking mamas like you to achieve the benefits that come from fully emptying your breasts while pumping, without adding more tiring to do’s to your plate.

While it has been amazing to hear how the Nurture breast massager has improved many pumping experiences and the feedback we receive from our customers has motivated us to continue to improve our design and deliver an even more effective product.

A More Personalized Fit with Nurture’s New and Improved Massage Cups

We are always listening to our customers and as a result, we are excited to introduce the Nurture Breast Massager’s new and improved massage cups!

By removing the wire that used to slide into the Nurture bra allows for a faster set up, while the new moldable cup provides a much more personalized fit. These changes add convenience and provide a more customized massage. After all, every breast shape and size is unique and deserves the same attention!

Take a look:

The old massage cups were time consuming to set up, and the firm wire did not conform to breast shapes and sizes as effectively as possible.  Now, all you do is simply tuck the massage cup into your Nurture Bra, mold the massage cup to encompass all of your breast tissue and you are ready to connect the controller and begin to massage. 

During compression, the molded massage cup will reach all of your breast tissue, providing an effective squeeze that mimics hands expression. Using the massage cups frequently and consistently will help you achieve the same benefits that hands on pumping delivers, without all of the hard work!

What’s even better? Your order will include the highly rated and raved about – Nurture Nursing and Pumping Bra – which can be used while pumping with or without the massage cups, and when breastfeeding alone.

Breastfeeding mother wearing the Nurture nursing bra
The Nurture Bra

What Nurture Moms saying about the new massage cup design

We value our customers’ opinions so much, that we used your feedback to help us prioritize our first product upgrades to ensure we’re addressing the needs of our most valuable asset – our Nurture Moms! Here is what they are saying about the new design:

“I prefer this massage cup to the other for the fact that it is a lot easier to set up and it covers my breast a lot better than the old style.” 

“I definitely like the moldability!”

“They feel great, even at first touch out of the bag. These definitely feel more ergonomic.”

“The size large with the updated moldable wire cups are perfect! They’re a good mix between the super stiff, original and the super soft moldable. I think we’ve found a winner!“

“They make life a lot easier. It’s nice not having to thread the wire into the bra or continuously mold the cup.”

  • Nurture Breast Massager improved design
  • Nurture Breast Massager improved design
  • Nurture Breast Massager improved design
  • Nurture Breast Massager improved design
  • Nurture Breast Massager improved design
  • Nurture Breast Massager improved design

Join the Imalac family today and experience what these pumping moms are talking about!

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