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Clinical Trial White Paper

Imalac is so grateful to the breastfeeding moms who participated in our clinical trial, eager to help more moms reach their lactation goals. During the clinical trial, these moms pumped with and without the Nurture Massager, collecting samples of their milk at multiple times during the day, recording results, and safely freezing it, so that …

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Is Sharing Frozen Breast Milk Popsicles Going to Be the Mom Trend of 2021?

Recently, The New York Times reported that “Multiple studies show that there are antibodies in a vaccinated mother’s milk. This has led some women to try to restart breastfeeding and others to share milk with friends’ children.”

As more and more adults get vaccinated and sigh a breath of relief, there is still the concern of children catching Covid-19. Mamas just can’t catch a break!

Or can they?

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