Making Sense of Hindmilk and Foremilk

Did you know that the nutritional content, color and consistency of your breast milk not only changes from day to day, but also during each individual feeding or pumping session? Find out about the difference between hindmilk and foremilk and why it’s important!

Attaching massage cups to Nurture bra

An Open Letter to the Facebook Community

CEO and Co-Founder of Imalac, Inc, Noreen Gordon Sablotsky weighs in on Facebook’s decision to unpublish, and ultimately censor, the brand’s business page due to a photo of a woman breastfeeding her baby. Although breastfeeding in public has been upheld in the legislature across all 50 states, the issue that an image of a nursing mother resulted in the shut down of our Facebook account is indicative of the work still necessary to normalize breastfeeding. These rights should be universal across all online communities as they are in real life. It is incredibly important that we continue encouraging and supporting social dialogue (and imagery) surrounding the most beautiful and natural process a mother and child can experience together.