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Is Sharing Frozen Breast Milk Popsicles Going to Be the Mom Trend of 2021?

Recently, The New York Times reported that “Multiple studies show that there are antibodies in a vaccinated mother’s milk. This has led some women to try to restart breastfeeding and others to share milk with friends’ children.”

As more and more adults get vaccinated and sigh a breath of relief, there is still the concern of children catching Covid-19. Mamas just can’t catch a break!

Or can they?

hindmilk vs. foremilk_Nurture by Imalac_Breast Massager

Making Sense of Foremilk and Hindmilk

Did you know that the nutritional content, color and consistency of your breast milk not only changes from day to day, but also during each individual feeding or pumping session? Find out about the difference between hindmilk and foremilk and why it’s important!

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