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Relactating/building Milk Supply for Yourself or Others

If you breastfeed and supplement with formula, you may be looking into building your supply or if you chose not to breastfeed, and are able, you may be looking into relactating, which is the process of reestablishing adequate milk production if you have a reduced supply or have stopped breastfeeding altogether.

Breastfeeding Testimonials: Sharing Concerns & Fears 

Aside from the physical factors that contribute to a woman’s breastfeeding outcome, community support is one that weighs heavily. March is all about celebrating womanhood and the perfect time to highlight, spread awareness and celebrate how much of an impact we can have on each other’s journey! Whether you are currently pregnant/breastfeeding or are interested …

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hindmilk vs. foremilk_Nurture by Imalac_Breast Massager

Making Sense of Foremilk and Hindmilk

Did you know that the nutritional content, color and consistency of your breast milk not only changes from day to day, but also during each individual feeding or pumping session? Find out about the difference between hindmilk and foremilk and why it’s important!

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