Imalac Debuts Nurture at the 2018 ILCA™ Annual Conference

Imalac Debuts Nurture at the 2018 ILCA™ Annual Conference, the Premier Lactation Education and Professional Development Event of the Year

Imalac’s commitment to helping women meet and exceed their breastfeeding goals continued with our participation at ILCA Annual Conference held last week in Portland, OR.  The event provided a rich learning environment for lactation consultants, physicians, policy advocates and emerging leaders. Throughout the four-day conference, a broad array of experts and companies showcased cutting-edge, evidence-based information and products that offered optimal breastfeeding care and support for mothers and babies. It was the ideal community to introduce Nurture by Imalac, one of the first innovations in the world of lactation.

The feedback we received, from NICU nurses to breast pump manufacturers to lactation consultants from around the country, was overwhelmingly positive. Once they got to see and hear how our attachable, hands-free breast expression system mimics hand expression and significantly improves the quality, efficiency and practicality of milk expression when used in conjunction with an electric breast pump, they immediately understood how Nurture by Imalac can make it easier for modern moms to breastfeed up to and beyond the first year of nursing.

Aside from the meaningful conversations and introductions, what we really took away from the event is that Nurture by Imalac is a product created in the spirit of ILCA’s vision of a world in which babies have every opportunity to thrive through breastfeeding. It is exciting for us to be joining the conversation, alongside all of the frontline health professionals and the entire lactation community, in a unified voice positioning breastfeeding as a global health issue and in delivering a product for women by women that will transform the breastfeeding experience.

To learn more about Imalac and to stay up-to-date on the 2019 launch of Nurture by Imalac, continue to follow this blog and our LinkedIn page.

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