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Results May Vary: User Experience with the Nurture Massager

Results may vary” is a phrase we often hear when researching products!  We want to explain the ‘why’ behind these words and how they apply to the Nurture Breast Massager.  

Every mom is wonderfully different and while most reading this are hoping to reach their breastfeeding goals, many will have a vastly different experience because of a variety of factors!  Breast size, shape, goals, schedule, underlying health factors, pumping routine, etc., all play a part in making each moms breastfeeding experience unique and therefore affect how the Nurture Breast Massager will make an impact.  

Nurture Massager Clinical Trial Results

During our clinical trial, we were able to control some of these variables in order to truly measure the impact that Nurture provides. We had users pump exclusively for 2 days without Nurture, and then pump exclusively for 3 days with Nurture. The majority of these users showed an increase in fat, volume and rate of expression. (imagine the results if we had them use Nurture for 1-2 weeks!) These study results are based off of Nurture being used every pump session, but we understand that is not always realistic!

Of course, we understand that pumping habits and schedules are as diverse as moms themselves, and we expect that the frequency and consistency in which they incorporate Nurture into their routines will vary, and in turn their results. Real user feedback has shown us that some moms notice immediate results, while others take approximately 1-2 weeks (or longer).

Consistency & Frequency

These successful experiences have one constant commonality: Consistency. Whether you use Nurture every pump session, or 1-2 times a day, as long as you are consistent, you should see results. While consistent use will start you off on the right foot, the Frequency of use will also factor into how quickly and to what degree your results improve. Ultimately, the more consistently and frequently you use Nurture when you pump, the faster you will see improvements!

This is why our risk-free, money-back guarantee encourages consistent use of at least 1-2 sessions a day (the more, the better) for at least 2 weeks before determining if Nurture works for you.

Improving on Your Results

Once you see results, we suggest adjusting your use of the Nurture massage depending on your goals. For example, we suggest increasing the number of times you use the massage during pumping sessions to continue building supply; or if you are in maintenance mode, you can try reducing the frequency you use Nurture and if you see your supply decreasing or develop a clogged duct, you can always add the Nurture massage back into your routine more often.

What Do Other Moms Say about Their Experience?

We are so grateful to have customers that want to share their story in hopes of helping more moms achieve their goals. Here is one user’s initial experience with the Nurture Breast Massager:

When I first started using the Nurture system, I didn’t see much of a difference, but within a week or two, my pump time significantly decreased. I was pumping for 20-35 minutes before Nurture and now when I use the Nurture system, I finish pumping in 10-15 minutes and I’m completely empty! Plus, I pump more milk as well. At least 2-3 oz more. When I first used it, I tried to use it 1-2 times per day (when I was pumping a lot more too.) But now I use it every other day. And I always see a significant increase in my milk supply when I use it vs when I don’t.
– Sadie Banks

Sadie’s story is a great example of how important it is to stay positive and consistent even if you don’t see results right away. New moms have enough to worry about! That’s why our guarantee is in place – so that you have the comfort of knowing you can try Nurture risk free. 

Imalac’s mission is to help moms achieve their breastfeeding goals and our team is dedicated to setting you up for success! We hope to hear YOUR story about how Nurture made a positive impact on your journey!

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