Imalac Takes NYC for Big City Moms

This past week, the co-founders of Imalac, Noreen Sablotsky and Rachael Kish, participated in the Big City Moms event in New York City to offer attendees a sneak peek at Nurture by Imalac, a hands-free nursing/pumping bra with an attachable massage component that mimics hand expression. Big City Moms, a community for expectant and new parents, hosted their biggest event yet with more than 1,500 people, of which at least 92% were expecting or new moms.

These moms had the opportunity to interact with well-known baby gear brands and test out the latest on the market. There were educational seminars on health and baby care, including a speaker panel made up of the nation’s top parenting experts, pediatric professionals, and lactation specialists. The event also welcomed up to 40 of New York City’s top parenting influencers.

“Everyone we spoke with was extremely interested and excited by Nurture,” said Rachael. Being a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC) herself, Rachael engaged with many women on the challenges of breastfeeding and experienced breastfeeders understood the need for a product such as Nurture right away. “They were eager to learn more about how Nurture increases the volume and caloric content of expressed milk while decreasing the amount of time spent pumping,” she added. Nurture by Imalac is the only device of its kind that truly eliminates the need to use your hands and significantly improves the quality, efficiency and practicality of milk expression.


“We’re thrilled to have met this network of women. We plan to return next year to continue showing moms how Nurture can help them reach their breastfeeding goals”, Noreen stated. Interacting with Big City Moms’ community of expectant and new parents gave the Imalac team a new platform to discuss the capabilities of their cutting-edge product. “The technology surrounding breastfeeding has not changed enough and that is why we have entered this growing international market,” she said.

Those who attended Big City Moms left with essential information, as well as newfound insight and tools that they can apply as new parents. The event also granted moms the opportunity to meet and forge new relationships with other soon-to-be parents in the New York area. For Imalac, participating in Big City Moms inspired the mother-daughter team to continue developing innovations for nursing women.

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